Hot Pot Takeout

At Hot Pot City, we know how busy life can get. When you’re craving Chinese food but don’t have the time to sit down in a restaurant, it’s much easier to pick up the food and leave. That’s why we offer quick and easy Chinese and hotpot takeout services! Call us to place your order ahead of time – we’ll have it ready by the time you get here. Or come on in and we’ll get your meal prepared in a flash. We offer affordable prices to make it even easier for you.
Our Chinese takeout menu features all of your Chinese food favorites. We’ve got beef and broccoli, shrimp, dumplings, chicken, and so much more. Pair noodles or rice to go along with your meal, or add boba or Thai tea for a refreshing beverage! Get your hot pot on the go by ordering our hot pot takeout. Swing by our restaurant today for your next meal! Call us today to place an order.