Hot Pot Restaurant

Hot pot is a method of preparing and consuming food that is thought to have come from Eastern Asia, and is now taking the Western countries by storm! In America, many Chinese restaurants are now offering seafood hot pot services to their customers. People love this unique, social way of eating! If you’re interested in trying it out, come to Hot Pot City! We are a hot pot restaurant located in Rockville, MD, that has been serving the community since 2019.
With hot pot, a large bowl of broth is sat at your table and kept simmering with a flame. We will also give you many different types of seafood and vegetables for you to add to your broth and cook yourself. Hot pot is more communal than the traditional way that restaurants are run. Instead of waiting for your food to be prepared in the kitchen, you and your friends cook the food yourselves! This offers a fun and unique experience that’s offered nowhere else! For more information about our hot pot restaurant, call us today.