Bubble Tea

At Hot Pot City, we serve some of the tastiest bubble teas in town! We make our drinks starting with tea that is combined with milk and fruit flavoring. Many people love bubble tea for the chewy bubbles at the bottom of the tea, and our bubble tea is no exception! If you love the favor and texture of this drink, come to our restaurant! We serve many different flavors of bubble tea, like fruit flavors, chocolate or coffee flavors, or green or black tea!
Hot Pot City also serves a wide array of Chinese food, such as chicken, beef, seafood, and much more. We’ve got delicious rice or noodles to pair your meat with, and then all of our teas to complete your meal! Our Chinese restaurant has it all! If you’re interested in trying something new, or if you’ve been craving your favorite drink, come to Hot Pot City for our bubble tea!